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Monday, June 08, 2009

III Year PSEng Expectations from my Class

1) You being available for interaction/query after class hours. (Can meet me anywhere. I am mostly in the dept or library)
2) Level of language used during lecture to be made simple. (Sure)
3) Make lessons/essays easier and simpler to understand. (Done)
4) Preparing the class better to face the examination. (Granted)
5) Important questions and answers, something like a question bank. (Yes. After every module will do that. Do remind me in case I do not do it.)
6) Make the class as relevant to the text as possible. (Ok)
7) Even if we go beyond the text, please explain to us how it is related to the text in discussion. (Aye)
8) Make abstract points/Concepts clear. (K)
9) Class is encouraged to read more. (Love to do this)
10) Before beginning the day's class, please recap for us the previous class. (If one of you can volunteer, can chip in if need be)

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