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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Looking for a Student-collaborator for Documentation

I intend to document various newspaper reports and articles on higher education on daily basis. For this I am looking for a student who is either my student or one who is interested in collaborating in documentation.

The tasks would be to locate the newspaper/magazine reports/articles on higher education on daily basis and upload their URL. I would be contacting the person over the mobile every evening to inform about the reports and their reference. The person needs to be self-motivated, regular in doing the tasks, has a easy access to internet, and should be ready to keep aside at least 15 min to half an hour everyday for this.

As this is a philanthropic work being done with purpose of helping researchers, policymakers and those concerned about higher education, and has no funding, the collaboration is non-remunerative. However, if need be I can give a letter stating the collaboration, and an occasional dinner.

Those who are interested may email me on ajpinto42 at gmail dot com or meet me on campus whenever or wherever you spot me.

There may be other areas I might gradually start documentation on for which I would need help of other volunteers.

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