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Friday, August 07, 2009

Enhancing Quality of Answers

What does a question test?

  • Comprehension of the question
  • Logic of answering- sentences, paragraphs
  • Spelling, punctuation
  • Expression within the given word limit

Common Mistakes/Errors


Appropriate Usage



actually, basically



Difficult, challenging

don’t, can’t

do not, cannot (Contractions)

called as


eg, for eg,


Yours Faithfully

Yours faithfully



  • Difference between speaking and writing
  • No religious symbols – Malpractice
  • Draw margins and write question numbers outside the margin
  • Make paragraphs for longer answers
  • Do not write answers in points
  • Single inverted commas for titles of poems or essays
  • Underline titles of books, plays, films
  • Names begin with capital letters
  • Quote only if you know exactly
  • Avoid use of green or red ink

…All the best


Sangeetha Gopi said...

that was really good points to keep in mind when entering the hall.

Anonymous said...

Sir, Since you told that these are some of the tips to keep in mind before writing English paper, It would be nice if you had posted some more tips, without which we tend to lose marks.

Anil Pinto said...

Sangeetha, happy you found it useful.

Guppyboy, will do it shortly.