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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On Teching and Learning

Khalil Gibran was born in 1883, in Lebanon. He was a poet, philosopher, artist, prophet and a writer .Among his best known works, is the Prophet, a book of 26 poetic essays .Those poems have been transleted into over 20 languages.Gibran lived in a foreign country for twelve years. He was a man of hope and optimism. While returning home he taught some people about the mysteries of life. Gibran conveys to all about the important message of life and all humanity which is meaningful in today's world.
He says nothing can be revealed to us that isn't already in us. We need to bring them alive .The teacher who always walks with his followers can try to share as much of his knowledge and understanding as he can but he cannot give his followers his own sense of understanding. The good teacher does not presume to give us his understanding, but he would lead us to the threshold of our own mind .The astronomer may speak about his understanding of space, but he cannot give us his understanding to us. The musician can sing the rhythm, but he cannot give us the voice which we hear. The person who knows about science can tell us about the weight and measure of the things he may direct us, but we cannot do as he does .We cannot force anyone to believe in our vision. All of us are different from one another. So our understanding about God is different from others.
According to Gibran Knowledge is not given, it is within us, we are helped to bring it up and make use of it.

This was a presentation by HEP I.
Tarcilla Kujur

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