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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

National Conference on New Perspectives in Non-Native Literatures in English


Department of English, Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad is organising a two-day National Conference on New Perspectives in Non-Native Literatures in English on 23rd and 24th March 2010

The arrival and recognition of non-native English literatures in the English world is undoubtedly keyed to the references of social, economical, political, artistic and global dominance and aspiration of non-native English critics, scholars and students. The genesis of the manufacturing of literature in English in almost all parts of the non-native English world can be greatly attributed to the unending popularity of English in addition to its expressive flexibility which fascinates even its vociferous opponents.

The National Conference New Perspectives in Non-Native Literatures in English is the second conference that the Department of English is hosting.

In this conference the endeavor will be to discover new perspectives and challenges which pave way to identify the untrammeled and new areas of trends in creative writing and new research in English Studies. Additionall y, the Conference aims at facilitating an accord and understanding between literatures in other languages and their manifestation in English so that students and scholars around the world develop a literary intelligence which, while honoring linguistic excellence, also successfully de-recognizes linguistic barriers.

The theme and sub-themes of this conference succinctly mirror the objectives of this Conference which are necessitated by research activism in the Department of English. It is positively held that the conference shall be effectively helpful to research scholars and supervisors who are looking out for new fields and disciplines to proactively carry out their study and make some contributions to the fields of English Studies.

Additionally, an apprehension amongst the literature scholars and teachers particularly in India is that language teaching/teachers are given prominence over literature teaching/teachers. The reason of such apprehension lies in assuming that literature is there only for reading and teaching; and it is connected with only universities and institutions. It is high time that such apprehensions are eradicated. This Conference will also hold deliberations on various available areas and opportunities for literature scholars.

New Perspectives in Non-Native Literatures in English

Sub Themes
1) New Areas of Research in English Studies
2) Comparative Study of Urdu and English Literatures
3) Translated Literatures
4) The Death of Post-Colonialism
5) Stereotyping of Literature
7) The Politics of Literature
8) Muslim Literatures in English
9) Author Translator Issues
10) Guided Research in Literature
11) Indian Literatures in English
12) World Literatures in English
15) The Death of Theory in Present Literatures
16) Regional & Cultural Identity, Globalization and Literature
17) Teaching Literature
18) Affinities between Cultures in Literature
19) Multiculturalism
20) Literature, Plagiarism and Entertainment Industry
21) Digital Story-Telling

Call for Papers
Scholars and researchers can present papers on any topic or related topic listed above. Those s who wish to present their papers are required to submit the abstract electronically at in about 250 words before 28th February 2010. On 10th March 2010 they would be informed about the acceptance or rejection of the paper. In case of acceptance, the candidates are required to electronically submit the full paper at by 20th March 2010. No paper should exceed 2000 words. The candidates are required to bring along with them in the Conference at least four sets and a soft copy of their paper. The paper must be written in MLA style sheet.

Please send your completed application form with a DD or cheque of Rs. 500 payable to:
Professor Amina Kishore
Head, Department of English,
MANUU, Gachibowli, Hyderabad
TA/DA will not be provided
Closing date for receipt of application: 10th March 2010
Registration can be done electronically at

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