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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sudhamshu needs help

Dear people, warm greetings to you!

Our Sudhamshu is leaving Christ to work on his Phd. Yup, an irreparable loss for the department. And hope he comes back.

Just when he was doing the last minute work to leave from here, he came to know that five of the books that he had borrowed from the library are yet to be returned. And he doesn't have them. Most probably, and quite typically, he has lent it to others and hasn't kept track.

For someone like Sudhamshu, who believes in an open society, this could be a testing moment.

Most of those books are foreign publications and each easily costs Rs. 1, 500 and above, working to a total of some Rs. 9,000 and odd.

In case, you are any of your friends do have any of the following books, please get back to Sudhamshu or Anil or me.

Postcolonialism - an Historical Introduction - Young Robert C J
Asian Cinemas: A Reader and Guide - Eleftheriotis Dimitris
Solitude of Emperors - david Dadvidar
Film Studies Reader - Hollows, Joanne

And please do spread the message to other friends who might have borrowed it from him.

Thank you!

1 comment:

Agent M said...

Su leaving Christ???!!! :( Sigh. Chalk up another reason on the (growing) (already humongous) list of reasons to not come back to Christ..