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Friday, June 11, 2010

American Literature Expectations of II year JPEng class

Following are the expectation from the American Literature paper that the students of II Year JPEng voiced. I have given my replies in the brackets. Thanks Sammitha Sreevatsa for noting them down and emailing.

- Opportunities for oral presentation based CIA (Time constraint may not allow)
-interactive sessions (Yes)
-detailed explanation (Considering that a BA is a higher education programme I intend to lecture around specific concerns pertaining to American literature in the Indian/Bangalore context. Hence, apart from necessary explanation which is crucial to understand the text, I may not go beyond. However, I am open to clarifying any doubt. ) 
-made simple (Sure)
-less theoretical (yes. The concerns will be located in the texts)
-space for self exploration (Sure. All for it.)
-Should be able us to relate to what's contemporary (Absolutely)
-Background/ contextual explanation (Sure)
-Plays given as much importance as poetry and stories (Ok)
-variety in approaches (Not suer as of now. Let's see how it unfolds)
-providing reference sources (sure, you can also collaborate)
-to be told whats expected from us exam point of view. (Sure)

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