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Friday, October 22, 2010

MPhil General Research Methodology 18 Oct 2010 - Academic Writing Classnotes

Notes by Sumitha Nair, MPhil. English Studies.

Topics covered
  1. Thesis Statement.
  2. Structure of Dissertation.
  3. Preview. 
A Proposal has to be submitted within a year of admission to the course. If a proposal is not accepted, it has to be re written. It is important to mention the duration of the proposal. A Proposal can either be accepted, accepted with corrections, re written or rejected.
Dissertation is a document given to a university for the award of degree presenting your study and results. Structure of a dissertation might vary depending on the discipline and university and sometimes the guide.

Simple Proposal (1 ½ pages)
  • Heading (E.g. Proposal for M. Phil. English Studies dissertation).
  • Tentative Title
  • Objectives
  • Methodology. (Analytical, what are the theories used to prove a phenomenon).
  • Chapter Divisio:         
    • Chapter 1: Introduction
    • Chapter 2: Literature Review
    • Chapter 3:  Research Design and Methodology. (Crucial for Qualitative Research. Must mention why one has chosen this sample or this particular phenomenon. Tools and testing techniques have to be established.)
    • Chapter 4: Findings / Deduction / Analysis
    • Chapter 5: Conclusion.
    • Works cited/reference
    • Appendix/ces
  • Limitations: Time cannot be a part of the limitations
  • Selected Bibliography: Works that are crucial for your research. Key texts crucial for the formulation of your research questions should be mentioned especially recent works.
Detailed proposal
  • Heading
  • Title
  • Abstract (Summary of the entire proposal. 150 -350 words.)
  • Introduction (State Research problem. Give the context of the research problem and then evolve the major issues of your research and then come to a specific issue. E.g. This research will find out….)
  • Need for the study
  • Methodology (Research background. Quantitative research will include the hypothesis which one must prove or disapprove. Qualitative Research will include Thesis which is normally one line. Research questions and objectives are also a part of methodology)
  • Chapter division.
  • Budget (If it is a funded research)
 Work Cited
Pinto, Anil. "Structure of Academic Writing." Christ University,          Bangalore. 18 Oct. 2010. Lecture.  


sindhuja said...

I thank our class mate Arul Gasper,Sumitha Nair,Madhushree S Bhat and Binoy C.U for making notes lectures of anil pinto sir classes.

Its very handy to summarize the topic that we have learnt.

I thank pinto sir, giving a brief apllication of research in digital revolution.

With regards,
Sindhuja CV

Anil Pinto said...

Thank you, Sindhuja. Appreciate your ability to recognize other's labour.