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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

" How to go about Dissertation" first session of discussion with Prof Anil Pinto

This is the first discussion Fr Vipin and I had with Mr Pinto regarding our Dissertation.

The First requirement to go about with a dissertation is to have:

1. Tentative title
2. Objectives of Dissertation
3. Research Question
4. Why a dissertation on this topic?/Need for the study
5. How will it be useful to the present domain of knowledge?
6. How will it be useful in terms of future academic engagement.

The Structure of an eighty page Dissertation should include :

1. Introduction (10 pgs)
2. Literature Review (20 pgs)
3. Analysis (20 pgs)
4. Analysis (20 pages)
4. Conclusion (5-10 pgs)
5. Works Cited (5 pgs)
6. Appendix

In introduction, the area of dissertation should be introduced. What is the kind of work been done so far in the area, explain the need for the study on chosen topic. Objectives of the study and its limitations (explain what areas are deliberately opted off in the Dissertation, and why). It should also contain chapter overviews.

Make a list of 10 major thinkers in the area and write minimum of one page summary on each thinker's contribution to the field.

Work given by the guide for the researchers to do for next meeting with the guide is 
1. To give a brief write up of 3 pages regarding the topic of dissertation.
2. To list out the names of 10 thinkers who have contributed on the same topic
3. Prepare a Bibliography

1. Pinto,Anil. "How to go about dissertation." Christ University,Bangalore.8 Nov. 2010. Discussion.

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