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Friday, January 14, 2011

Lecture on Levi-Strauss Analysis of Oedipus Rex to II Yr JPEng- Clarification

I had mentioned in my lecture about Yayathi-Puru achetype. I had also mentioned mentioned about a play by Girish Karnad on the same story. Karnad has not translated it to English. However, there is a small write up on the story in Wiki. Click here for it.

Following are some of the previous post on Structuralist Approach of Levi-Strauss on Oedipus Rex.
1. Anil's ppt presentation on Levi-Strauss' Structuralist Analysis of Oedipus Rex
2. Notes by  Ashif who was 2009 Student of III PSEng
3. Anil's PPT points of the presentation on Levi-Strauss' Structuralist Analysis of Oedipus Rex
4. Classnotes of Sumana Sri from II CEP


kicking.and.screaming said...

A hundred thanks for putting it all together here like this post.

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