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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Postcolonial Literatures - Expectations from III JPE

Thank you Shradha Iyer for the write up.

What the JPites want to learn can be broadly categorized under 3 perspectives of looking and understanding the post colonization text:

1) Political
  • Understand the political movements and situations that existed before, during and after colonization.
  • Understand the politics of both – the colonizers and the colony at a large.
  • Get an in depth knowledge on how the political movements were carried on by the colonized to achieve ‘freedom’.
  • How the colonizers used different techniques of politics for smoother rule over their colony.
  • How political boundaries were formed and changed.
  • The current political situation persisting in the countries, both of the colonizers and the colonized.

2) Historical
  • Go back in time and understand every detail that made up the entire process of colonization.
  • Learn not only about post-colonization, but also pre colonization and colonization for a better understanding.
  • How history has influences the meaning and understanding of post colonization.
  • State of affairs today that has been influenced by history.

3) Emotionally
  • To understand the psyche of the colonizers.
  • To understand the psyche of the colonized.
  • Learn about slavery, slave trade and the emotions that were followed.
  • To understand how the post colonial writers wrote and with what emotions.

How we want to lean Post-colonialism
  • Self-research and reading
  • Documentaries and movies
  • Discussions
  • PPTs
  • Your regular teaching methodologies

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