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Friday, September 30, 2011

Literature and philosophy notes - 28th sept. 2011

Seminar on "Knowledge Dissemination Through Journal Publications"

The Seminar on "knowledge Dissemination Through Journal Publication" held on 28th September 2011 mainly dealt with issues related to research and journal publication in various academic domains. Following are the some of the important insights shared by the paper presenters.

What are the main criteria to consider the internationality of a journal?

Ø  Publication language

Ø  Inclusion in international data base

Ø  Multilingual distribution of the editorial board members

Ø  Multinational distribution of articles

Ø  Online access:One of the ways to increase the visibility factor of a journal is to include foreign experts. In recent time there is a sharp increase in the visibility of research from the third world countries.

What are the some of the key issues in writing a research paper and publishing it?

Ø  To know the problem that is researched on

Ø  The role played by the university or the institution

Ø  Issues faced by the researchers in publishing their work

Ø  Too much work load in the college

Ø  Domestic responsibility (Female researchers)

Ø  Fees for the publication

Interdisciplinary research and challenges of publications

Ø  Finding an advisor

Ø  Mastery over both the disciplines

Ø  Reconciling conflicts

Ø  Finding an intellectual community

Ø  Purpose of interdisciplinary approach – complex nature of the society

Class room discussion

There were serious concerns raised regarding the quality of the papers presented.

Irrespective of the quality of the paper and the presentation skills exhibited by the scholars it is important to look at whether there is any insight given by each paper.  It is the insight presented that will determine the quality of the paper. In terms of the insight each paper had one or other insight to contribute to the audience. For example the paper on Research and Publication on Hotel management gave the valuable insight that there are no post graduate courses offered in this domain in India. It is really a valuable and interesting insight. In such a situation researching in such field is really a challenge.  In fact there is no academic research happening in this field.

Prepared by Vipin George


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Government First Grade College-Periyapatna said...

Hello Sir,

Glad to see your blog on the web. it is very interesting.
As one of the participant of conference on "Knowledge Dissemination Through Journal Publications". I would like to share my views on why research in hotel management has not been so famous or taken up by many.

We have to see that the "Hotel Management" course itself is a market driven. When a course is market driven and lack theoretical underpinnings it is difficult to grow as a discipline. That is so with the case of many IIMs in India. They are preparing good mangers but not researchers. That is the reason why IIMs have not been able to produce good researchers.

Hotel management people can think of doing research with blend of other subjects where theoretical foundation is so strong. For example they can collaborate with food and nutrition or home science and do interdisciplinary research. Simple narrow downing on hotel management which has not strong foundation as a subject. The research in this area also take back seat. Hotel management faculty can also look at foreign university and what they are doing in terms of research.

Thank you very much for your wonderful assistance. I enjoyed my stay in Christ

Anil Pinto said...

Dear Vasanth,I agree as well as appreciate your thoughts on hotel management. I also concur with your solutions. I will forward it to the person who presented the paper.

I also appreciate your enthusiastic participation and contribution to the conference in terms of questions, extra presentation, and collegiality. I look forward to collaborating with you.