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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BA V Semester Postcolonial Literatures Model Question Paper

Answer Any Five of the Following.                                                             (5x8=40)
1. Orientalism
2. Kipling as an Orientalist
3. Macaulay's views on Arabic and Sanskrit langauges being taught in India
4. Fanon's views on the 'Native intellectual'
5. Harlem Renaissance
6. Wide Sargasso Sea as altering reading of Jane Eyre
7. The significance of the Praise Singer

Answer Any Four of the Following.                                                            (4x15=60)
9. Delineate the shift from commonwealth literature to postcolonial literature? Emphasise on the historical circumstances that necessitated such a shift.
10. What are the criticisms of Orientalism? If the criticisms are valid what is the relevance of Orientalism for you today? Explain.
11. Explain the images, sounds and colors used by Senghor in 'New York'
12. Attempt a postcolonial gothic reading of Wide Sargasso Sea.
13 Wole Soyinka utilises the conventions of the ‘western’ tragedy in the play Death and the King’s Horseman. He succeeds in refuting the ideology and the aesthetic on which the ‘western’ conventions are based. Apply this statement to discuss the structure of the play.
14. Which are the 'many separate worlds' that Naipual talks about in his essay 'Reading and Writing'?