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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Model questions for Philosophy and Literature course.

Chapter 1:Nomi

 1) Explain the concepts 'expression plane' and 'content plane' with reference to the philosophies of Kant and Hegel.

 2) What are the philosophical foundations of Kant and Hegel in literary theory?
 3) Trace the development of philosophical thought in literary theory from Romanticism and Young Hegelianism to Nietzche.

Chapter 2- Fathima
1. How did the early literary foundations by Kant and Hegel paved the
way for New Criticism and Russian Formalism? Explain.
2.How does Russian Formalism dwell in between the philosophy of Kant
and Avant-Garde? Elaborate.
3.How Kant's'expression' is different from Croce's 'expression'?
Explain with suitable examples.

(Chapter 3- Ipshita
1. Discuss the arguments of Czech structuralism in the light of Mukarovsky and Jacobson.
2.   Compare and contrast the arguments of Czech structuralism and Avant Garde movement.
3.   How the arguments of Czech structuralism are different from the arguments of New Criticism?    Explain in the light of Kantian idea of aesthetic and Hege’s idea of concepts.

Sharon Abraham : chapter 5
1) How does philosophy distinguish Marxism from critical theory?
2) Analyze the Hegelian philosophy that overlooked the 'magic aspect of language'?

3) Analyze Marxist aesthetics with reference to postmodernism ?

Gracy simon : Ch 6
1) How does Eco occupie intermediate position between Greimas and Barthes?
2) Explain the Greimas' literary and non literary text ?
3) Distinguish between Barthe's readable text from the writable text?
Dhanya G Nair : chapter 7
1) How do "iterability" and "dissemination" work in Derrida's analysis?

2) How does Hartman, through his explicit critique of Hegelian classicism opposes a Romantic and Nietzschean idea of the text?
3) "Nietzsche's theory of language eliminates the metaphysical conceptual dimension which Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Hegels and Kant's philosophy thrive on." Discuss 
Chapter - 8- Suschismitha
1. compare and contrast Lyotard's notion of the sublime and Kant's notion of the beautuful.
2. Discuss how LYotard uses Kant's notion of the sublime to develop an aesthetic of contradiction.
3. Discuss Lyotard's aesthetic of the sublime.
Chapter -9 Vipin George
1. Explain the critical theory of literature that Zema proposes.
2. How does Zema try to reconcile the dichotomy between Kant's and Hegel's literary theories? explain.
3. Hos does Zema propose  a permanent dialogue between particular and hetrogeneous theoretical positions theough his notions of literary theory?

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