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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Princeton, Penn and Michigan join the MOOC party | Inside Higher Ed

Princeton, Penn and Michigan join the MOOC party | Inside Higher Ed:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing info on higher studies through coursera.It is encouraging to see elite ed institutes offering courses to laymen.still early days as it is only the course credits that an aspirant can claim and not a degree.Your thoughts are appreciated if any sir.

Anil Pinto said...

Thank you Anonymous. I think Higher Education system as we know it is under transition. Attempts such as these are indicators of such transitions. I wish to some such courses! As of now offering and taking of such courses on the brand of the institution as well as the brand of the individual faculty. That may take soem time to change.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sir! appreciate your response.Your blog is highly informative for students and senior faculty alike.It is updated with latest developments in higher education and very useful information from your area of expertise.Please continue your posts,i understand sometimes it is challenging to update a blog frequently.By any chance do you offer online courses on BA English/BA media & communication.