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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

III PSEng Pedagogic Expectations from the Pocolit Course

  1. Go beyond the text
  2. Arrange activities
  3. Interactive studies
  4. No shouting
  5. Innovative learning outside the classrooms
  6. Reading up before the class
  7. Freedom to question
  8. Provide class notes
  9. Crack jokes
  10. Be involved as a teacher
  11. Conduct discussions
  12. Be approachable outside the classroom
  13. Suggest reading material
  14. Simplify examples and points
  15. Be patient
  16. Show movies and video clips
  17. Revising
  18. Acknowledge differences
  19. Maintain a steady pace
  20. Explain the text rather than just reading it
  21. Give us history of the author/story/poem even if it is scandalous
  22. Begin every class with a recap of the previous session
  23. Provide training for the examination
  24. Teach from the examination point of you.
(Thanks Seirra Jose for compiling the list)

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Sir, if you use all the above mentioned methods dont you think we (some of the students) might get confused? Dont you think its better to stick to a single simple method?