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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

II National Students’ Conference on Literary and Cultural Studies

Centre for Comparative Literature
School of Humanities
University of Hyderabad

RAW.CON 2012
Researchers at Work Conference
II National Students’ Conference on Literary and Cultural Studies
25th – 27th September, 2012

RAW.CON or Researchers at Work Conference 2012 symbolizes a student initiative. We, the postgraduate and research students from the Centre for Comparative Literature, University of Hyderabad, believe that a student conference would create a platform for the researching student community. Such spaces are valuable and would contribute a lot through discussions, exchange and sharing of ideas, interrogations and interventions on interdisciplinary studies from universities around the country. RAW.CON 2012 -- a three-day national students’ conference planned and organized by students and for students, with the support of the Centre and the University, is happening for the second consecutive year.

The focus is on Interdisciplinarity, urged by the need to transcend frontiers.  RAW.CON hopes to provide an ‘ideal’ legroom for researchers to think beyond disciplines, explore and test paradigms, yet be rigorous and mindful of the demands of quality research. We hope RAW.CON would provide a dynamic space/platform for upcoming scholars.

RAW.CON invites students and researchers from all over India for this fun-filled, three day conference. We invite papers on the following thrust areas:

De-Constructing Caste                                           Nations and Sub-nationalisms
Religion and Representation                                    Gendering Language
Centering Margins                                                 New Trends in Cinema
Re-reading Histories                                              Comparing Literatures
The Popular and The Academic                                Identities and Beyond
Translating Literatures and Cultures                         Media, Representation and Violence
Research papers in related areas are also welcome! In addition, we invite panels on issues of contemporary literary and cultural relevance.    

500 word abstracts (Maximum time for a single presentation is 20 mins) may be emailed to or snail-mailed to RAW.CON 2012, Centre for Comparative Literature, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad – 500046.

Last date for submission of abstracts:      5th August, 2012
Intimation of selection:                           25th August, 2012
Submission of full papers:                       15th September, 2012

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