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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

MPhil English Studies Literature and Philosophy Syllabus

REN 237: Literature and Philosophy                                                60 Hours

To introduce to the problems, theories and concepts of literary criticism, from the Anglo-American New Criticism to Deconstruction to Postmodernism.
To  place modern theories in the philosophical and aesthetic context in which they originated and evolved.

Unit I
The Philosophical and Aesthetic Foundations of Literary Theories

Kant, Hegel, and Literary Theory

From Romanticism and Young Hegelianism to Nietzsche

Anglo-American New Criticism and Russian Formalism

Kant and Croce in the New Criticism

Russian Formalism between Kantianism and the Avant-Garde

The Aborted Dialogue between Marxists and Formalists

Unit II

Czech Structuralism Between Kant, Hegel, and the Avant-Grade

Roman Jakobson's and Jan Mukarovsky's Kantianism

Hegel and the Avant-Grade in Mukarovsky's Theory: Structure, Function, Norm, and Value

Symbol and Aesthetic Object: From Mukarovsky to Vodicka

Problems of Reader-Response Criticism: from Hermeneutics to Phenomenology

From Gadamer to Jauss: The Hermeneutics of Reader-Response

From Ingarden to Iser: The Phenomenological Perspective

Stanley Fish's Alternative

From marxism to Critical Theory and Postmodernism

Marx, Lukacs and Goldmann: Hegelian Aesthetics

Benjamin and Adorno between Kant and Hegel: Avant-Garde, Ambiguity, and Truth

Mikhail M. Bakhtin's Young Hegelian Aesthetics

Marxist Aesthetics in a Postmodern World: Alex Callinicos, Terry Eagleton, Fredric Jameson

Unit III

The Aesthetics of Semiotics: Greimas, Eco, Barthes

Greimas or the Search for Meaning

Umberto Eco: From the Avant-Grade to Postmodernism

Roland Barthes' Nietzschean Aesthetics

The Nietzschean Aesthetics of Deconstruction

The Philosophical Origins of Deconstruction: From Platonism and Hegelianism to Nietzsche and Heidegger

Derrida's Romantic and Nietzschean Heritage: ecriture, iterabilite, differance

Derrida on Mallarme and Jean-Pierre Richard

Paul de Man: Allegory and Aporia

J. Hillis Miller: Aporia, Repetition, Iterability

Geoffrey H. Hartman: Negativity, Delay, Indeterminacy

Lyotard's Postmodern Aesthetics and Kant's Notion of the Sublime

From Kant to Lyotard: Postmodern Aesthetics of Disharmony

Lyotard and de Man: the Sublime, Allegory, and Aporia

Unit  IV

Towards a Critical Theory of Literature

Literary Theory between Kant, Hegel, and Nietzsche

Towards a Critique of Ideology: Ideology as Sociolect and Discourse

Towards a Critical Theory of Literature

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