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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Augustine of Hippo: "On Christian Doctrine" and "The Trinity"

Dear students of 133 Literary Criticism, kindly post your responses to Augustine of Hippo to "On Christian Doctrine" and "The Trinity"  essays here. You may also post your questions, if any.


MA English said...

Sir, in chapter 11 towards the end of the para (20) he says thus: "And just as our word becomes a sound and is not changed into a sound, so the Word of God indeed becomes flesh, but far be it from us that it should be changed into flesh. For by assuming, it, not by being consumed in it, this word of ours becomes a sound, and that Word becomes flesh."

I understand this text this way.
There are two parallels. The inner word in us becomes outer word when we utter them through sounds. The Word of God that was hidden becomes flesh. In both cases there is manifestation of the inner word, which would otherwise have remained hidden. Here the word in both cases do not 'become' but 'assumes' sound and flesh respectively, retaining their former properties. Thus even the word that we utter and Jesus himself are enigma......

Sir, this is how I understand this passage.

Besides, I think this idea of his is parallel to Plato's world of Ideas...that the sound and Jesus are only representations.

Sir, Please correct me if I am wrong.

MA English said...

The query regarding 'assuming' was mine. sorry that forgot to write my name.
Vinod Michael
I MA english

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