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Friday, March 27, 2015

Assignment on the History of Psychology discipline in Christ University


The History of Psychology discipline in Christ University


The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. - William James. The department of psychology is a part of Christ University and accredited by UGC and NAAC. One of the first departments to be founded in Christ University, the Department of Psychology has grown in leaps and bounds with innovations in curriculum, pedagogy and ground-breaking initiatives.  The vision of the department of the psychology is to promote high academic standards and scholarship in psychology, by creating an optimal and enriching learning environment, fostering ongoing professional and personal development and contributing effectively to certificate course, undergraduate programmes, post graduate programmes and research degrees in psychology (M.phil. and Ph.D.). The programmes integrate scholarship with professional practise and offer courses that are cutting edge in the field of psychology. Students who complete programmes in Psychology from the University demonstrate high degrees of self-awareness are service oriented and are encouraged to embrace humane values in their vocation. Through these programmes psychology department encourage students to consider careers and life missions that integrate psychological understanding to life.

The Psychology subject seeks to introduce the students to various psychological processes and familiarize them with different branches of psychology with a view to developing a holistic outlook towards life and prepare them for a great career ahead. Specialization in Abnormal Psychology and Organizational Behavior, which widens the student's scope for further studies. Imparting the basic skills required for a counselor. Application of Psychology to industrial problems through the use of intelligence and aptitude tests as used in selection and training. Studying the effects of group membership on individual behavior.

History of the curriculum happened

Psychology is one of the major subjects offered at the undergraduate level as part of the triple major programme. It is a three year full time course aimed at introducing students to the fundamental processes underlying human behavior and familiarize them with a few emerging fields and branches of psychology such as Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Industrial Psychology & Consumer Behavior, Health Psychology and Positive Psychology. The course also includes two papers of Practical, Statistics and Group Research Projects. The course is part of PSENG (Psychology, Sociology, English) , PSECO (Psychology, Sociology, Economics), CEP (Communicative English, English, Psychology) , JPENG (Journalism , Psychology, English) and PEP (Performing Arts, English, Psychology).DoctoralProgrammes(PhD),MPhilProgrammes,PostgraduateProgrammes,UndergraduateProgrammes, Diploma Programmes, Certificate Courses in Even Semester, Certificate Courses (Even & Odd Semester).



The Department organises an annual National Conference in the months of January - February that provides Post Graduate students and Honours students an opportunity to interact with experts and peers around the world.

International Conference is organized once in three years. The conference addresses global themes of relevance in the field of Psychology and provides an intellectual milieu for the Exchange of professional and research expertise.

The Department of Psychology offers a two-year full-time M Sc program in Psychology with specialization in Clinical Psychology. Keeping pace with the disciplinary advances the program would address knowledge about psychological functioning at individual and social levels in an all-encompassing manner. With the goal of acquiring specialized knowledge, the program would allow students to nurture their academic interest in clinical psychology, along with personal growth and awareness.

The spirit of interdisciplinary growth is kept in view while conceptualizing a three-tier system- A) CORE COURSES in the first three PG semesters (courses, which can be considered to be fundamental in giving PG students a larger perspective of Psychology as a social science discipline, irrespective of specialization); B) SPECIALIZATION COURSES (specific theory courses within the subject of Clinical Psychology); and C) ELECTIVE COURSES ( a wide variety, across all disciplinary specializations, primarily conceptualized by individual faculties (based on their own interest/expertise), offered from time to time and chosen by students according to their preference. The program would strive to prepare competent professional psychologists who would excel in knowledge, orientation, and practice in psychology, with high ethical standards and social relevance.



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