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Friday, March 27, 2015

assignmet on history of my discipline

History of Physics Department of Carmel Matha, Kanyakumari

    Education is the all-round development of a child. It should change the attitude and behavior of a child. They should be empowered to be global citizens. And should have the intellectual, social scientific and human outlook. Education is not only to impart knowledge but also to impart the values like charity, tolerance, kindness, Duty conscious, self-confidence, truthfulness etc. This purpose of education is carrying out by the institution of Carmel Matha ,Kanyakumari.       

                                                            Carmel Matha ,Kanyakuamari is run by CMC sisters who dedicate their lives for the uplift and the wholesome formation of our fellow men especially women and children. The total formation of the human person has always been the priority in the educational endeavors of CMC.            

                                             The department of physics in CarmemMatha has its own identity and history. The department of  physics started in the academic year 2004-'05. The physics department has a unique way of teaching and learning techniques. The curriculum has a creative and innovative method and a strategic plan to accomplish in every year.

The department takes interest to train the children to think creatively and helps in bringing out the best of the students. It also provides ample opportunities to face the challenges of day to day life. The department aims at the integral development of the personality of the students to fulfill a noble role in life. Hence the intellectual, cultural, physical, psychological and moral advancement receives the utmost care for the initial stages of the academic career. Enabling the students to collaborate with the new digital world the department renewed the curriculum and pedagogy with needs of the time. The system of education is a blend of theory and practice in the right proportion. To arrive at a comprehensive curriculum there is a satisfying feeling to see evidence of stability and sustainability, both in academic and administrative processes. The classes are computerized and teaching learning process is done by e-technology -smart class


2004 – Opening of the department

2005- Renewal of the curriculum

2009-Started seminar presentation and workshops by the students

2008- Renovation of the labs, Installation of Smart class

2010- Installation of Next education equipment

2012-Holistic education is adapted in the curriculum

2013-Term wise Monitoring and evaluation system is amended


   The basic objective of the physics department is to make the students to equip with the growing generation. The following are the objectives of the department.


·       To improve the quality of education

·       To provide health education

·       To improve the social attitude

·       To provide spiritual & mental capability

·       To improve the involvement of the parents with the management

Empowering programs

Teaching faculty

    The teachers were attending and participating the national and international seminars and workshop other than the refreshment courses conducted by the educational department The Management is also very interested to occupy the teachers fit to the progress of the modern scientific world.

Our teachers attended various seminars and conferences which included

·       Value orientation classes

·       Leadership skill training

·       Computer technology & smart class training

·       counseling &guidance course

·       Enriching programmes

·       Quality education

·       Effective interaction and child psychology

·       Making education succeed in a fast paced world

·       New challenges in the classroom


These seminars and conferences help our teachers to be familiar and updated with the new trends in the educational sector. The students also get ample scenarios to be invested and enhanced in learning process.


·       Personality development training

·       Life orientation camp

·       Spiritual animation retreats

·       Science exhibition

·       Maths work shop

·       Seminar presentation

·       Science quiz competition

·       E-learning workshops

                         The Department functions with the target to fulfill the vision of the institution  and to attain the objectives in order to Universalize and Equalize Qualitative Educational Opportunities. The Structure of education in the state is based on the national pattern. On completion of Higher level students are eligible to pursue their higher studies in the general academic streams and in the technical and professional courses. We take this opportunity to commit ourselves to do our best to serve this locality through quality education. We seek the blessing from the God Almighty to help and guide us in the future in the right direction.


Submitted by

 Jessamma Mathew


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