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Monday, March 30, 2015

Fwd: History of Computer science department at Christ university

History of Computer science department in Christ University.

Christ University Computer science department started in 1989 with the introduction of CMS

Later  MCA is added in 1994 and CME in1996 ,BCA 2000,Msc 2007, MSc Computer Science (Working Professionals) 2009.Syllabus constantly underwent changes and many topics added over time.1990's Software Architecture, OOAD, Embedded Systems were added, In 2000 DBA, Data Warehousing and Data Mining were added, 2010 Cloud Computing and Mobile Application,ADBMS and  NO SQL were introduced.

Major Challenges: Department boomed till 2000, 2001 it faced recession. 2009 it faced Recession again but placement the placements remain unaffected. Hence people like Christ University students.

In  2004 BCA/MSC/MCA got divided and merged as a single department in 2009.Research focused learning started from 2009

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Department of Computer Science started in Christ University in 1989 with bachelor's degree in computer science.MCA started in Christ College by 1994. Later BCA and Mphil computer science were also introduced. Now the Computer Science department has MCA,BCA, BSC , Mphil and MSc in computer application courses. Department has nearly 30 faculties and nearly 1000students.

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