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Saturday, March 28, 2015

History of the Department of Physics, Christ Univerity

Anu .N. Mohan

Reg. No- 1445 201

Department of Physics in Christ University was first established in 1969 with an undergraduate program and a vision to provide formal and rigorous training for students to inculcate in depth knowledge of the subject.

During the early days, the department was affiliated to Bangalore University. In 1997, autonomous status was awarded and the semester system was followed in the academics. In 2009, the department came under the umbrella of Christ University. In the beginning years, faculty of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses was bifurcated and in 2009, both the UG and PG departments were joined.

In 1993, the department was upgraded with the addition of a post graduate course. The specialization offered in the post graduate course was Molecular and Crystal Physics and in 2002 several modifications was made to the specialization and was re-framed as Crystal Physics. In 2006, the department started offering Electronics also as a specialization subject apart from the already existing Crystal Physics. In 2014, Astrophysics was also added to the specialization categories offered by the Department.

Apart from these courses, the department also offers certificate courses for the interested students in "Astronomy and Astrophysics" and in "Renewable energy". In order to provide in depth knowledge of the subject, regular class room teaching is supplemented with tutorials, brain storming ideas and problem solving efforts, pertaining to each theory and practical course. The Department hosts a science fest "Eureka" every year for the UG and PG science students of various colleges across the city.

Department of Physics is one of the unique departments of Christ University which has got a strong research platform. The department offers two research degrees in the field of Physics- Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy. The M.Phil program was started in 2008 and the Ph.D program was started in 2009 with five specializations namely- Crystal Physics, Astrophysics, Spectroscopy, Nuclear Physics and Superconductivity.  In fulfilling the degree requirements, a student has to undertake course work, attend and present seminars, and conduct thesis research. Over the years, Department has developed a well equipped research laboratory with Thin film units, High temperature furnaces, Filtering units etc.


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