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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Notes on 'Rape of the Lock'

1. From Sparknotes
2. From Wikipedia
3. From Cummings Study Guides
4. With Annotations
5. From Representative Poetry Online
6. From Literary Encyclopedia
7. From Enotes
8. An essay by Ian Mackean on 'Rape of the Lock'
9 'Rape of the Lock' Home Page


vidhi said...

sir please tel us wat kinda questions can v expect from this poem!!! coz i have doubt.. whether belinda was flirtatious or she wasnt.. n whether d slyphs gaurded women who were flirttious or not.. coz one reference tels us slypha loved ppl who rejected mankind n d other part tells us slyphs loved ppl who were little coquettes.. please clear this doubt sir.

Anil Pinto said...

To my knowledge
1.Belinda was not flirtatious

2. syphs gaurded women who were flirttious

3. Traditional, standard questions for decades on the poem have been to look at it as a mock-epic, comment on the invocation and so on.