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Monday, November 03, 2008

Deep Focus Film Quarterly :Call for papers - Reproduced from Collective Chaos

Deep Focus Film Quarterly

Call for Papers

Deep Focus Film Quarterly welcomes articles, reviews and interviews with film directors. The write-ups can be of any hue, of any persuasion, as long as they are serious reflections on cinema. Manuscripts must be neatly typed in double line spacing. It is very important to include film stills to illustrate your article. Deep Focus hopes to engage in a continuing debate on various aspects of cinema through these write-ups.

About Deep Focus

Deep Focus Film Quarterly is every cinema connoisseur's delight- a film journal born out of a collective effort by a group of the most eminent filmmakers, film academicians and cineastes from India and abroad. The only cinema journal of its kind in India, Deep Focus, since its inception has been internationally acclaimed and noted for publishing some of the most in-depth and definitive articles, interviews and critiques on cinema, both Indian and international. Through essays on cinema it has constantly explored the aesthetics and cultural politics and its impact on contemporary cultural practices, politics and social behavior. Even as it offered, through the years, a platform for fresh, incisive and even radical criticism and debate on cinema and its evolving forms and breakthrough movements, Deep Focus has reflected and located emerging trends in society. By keeping its roots in the present and its eye on the horizon, Deep Focus has always strived and managed to stay ahead of the times and is one of those rare phenomenons in the magazine world, where the older issues acquire substance and vintage with the passing time and are prized and acknowledged as 'collector's items'.

Deep Focus Film Quarterly is for people and institutions who partake in its worldview of cinema as the most potent medium of expression in our times, who believe in the power of cinema- as an instrument of change and revolution, as a mirror of our society and times and as a entity of mystique. Deep Focus has a wide-reaching international subscription base with film schools, media, art, culture and research institutions, libraries and embassies as also among film directors, cinematographers, technicians, academicians, scholars, journalists, artists, persons actively involved in creative fields like theatre and advertising and most importantly, the lovers of film.

These are strange times for cinema and meanings and even, vocabularies are in flux. Even as millions of images are produced and stored every second, the language of cinema is increasingly generic. Information is continuous but all sense and reflection is suspended. In these manic times for the cineaste, Deep Focus endeavors to provide a panoramic view of cinema from across the world- the real and the digital, and cut through the excess, the unnecessary, the superficial, the jargon and provide its readers with a glimpse of the light at the core of so much chaos and a portrait of the world through the flicker of the magic lantern.


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