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Friday, November 28, 2008

"Writing a Curriculum Vitae" - Notes by Madhura Puranik

Following is the presentation notes on Perspective IV Semester lesson 'Writing a Curriculum Vitae' a poem by Wislawa Szymborska. The presentation was made for II year JPEng class by Madhura Puranik on 19 Nov.


Writing a Curriculum Vitae

Wislawa Szymborska

(Click here for the text of the poem)

Outline of the Presentation

Definition and Purpose of a CV




Definition of a CV

Personal history.

Overview of professional accomplishments.

Purpose of a CV

To demonstrate that you can do the job that you have applied for.

To establish how well you did your previous job.

To indicate that you have the enthusiasm to perform the new role.

To obtain an interview for the current vacancy.

Regardless of how long your life is,

the Curriculum Vitae should be short.

Ø A CV should always be short and to the point because you are judged on the basis of your CV, it creates an impression on the person who is viewing your CV. The CV must encourage your employer to want to interview you.

Be concise, select facts.

Change landscape into addresses and

vague memories into fixed dates.

Of all your loves, mention only the marital,

and of the children, only those who were born.

Ø Write only those things that you are definite and sure about. Give your exact address.

Ø Give information about your family. Mention the number of dependents you have.

Enclose a photo with one ear showing.

What counts is its shape, not what it hears.

Ø Photograph is just for identity.

What does it hear?

The clatter of machinery that shreds paper.

Ø At the end of it, irrespective of whether the candidate is selected or not, the CV goes to the shredder.

Questions + Themes

Do you think a CV gives a true picture of oneself?


Three paragraphs

§ short

§ one dimensional, reducing a human being to a piece of paper.

§ formal


Discuss the meaning of the last line of the poem in the light of what has come earlier.

  • Opposite image of what is presented earlier
  • Ironical- Good CV , Bad CV

Point out all the contrasts that are used in the poem.

Vague memories



Whom you know



Fixed dates



Who knows you



Difference between a CV and a resume.


Short ( 1-2 pages)

brief and concise

Curriculum Vitae

Slightly long (2- 4 pages)

Detailed synopsis


Anonymous said...

not enough :(

asto said...

Few hours to go for the exam and all I've got is this!? :-D

It would be great if you could upload the ppt files too. The summary of the ppt is useless.

Anonymous said...

wat does the author mean by these???

Write as if you never talked with yourself,
as if you looked at yourself from afar.
Omit dogs, cats and birds,
mementos, friends, dreams.

Anonymous said...

wat does the author mean by these???

Shoe size not where one is going
the one you are supposed to be