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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

SUMMER SCHOOL“Philosophy for the Social Sciences and Humanities”

Manipal Centre for Philosophy & Humani es
Manipal University, Manipal


Philosophy for the Social Sciences and Humanities

(Sponsored by the Indian Council of Philosophical Research)

The Sixth Summer School on “Philosophy for the Social Sciences and Humani es” organised by Prof Sundar Sarukkai will be held at Manipal University again this year. In this course students will not only enrich their conceptual understanding of social sciences and humani es through a series of lectures, workshop presenta ons and ac vi es but will also engage with their own disciplines and research areas through wri ng, discussions and reflec on.

The uniqueness of this year’s workshop is the theme Banality of Evil. Under this broad theme we will discuss poli cal and social philosophy drawing from both Indian and Western approaches.

Dates: Monday, July 4, 2011 – Friday, July 15, 2011

Who can apply?
Students who are doing their PhD, MPhil or MA can apply for this course. We encourage young faculty in social science and ac vists who are interested in philosophy to also apply.

How to apply?
Send a CV (with marks, email, phone, and contact address details) along with a statement on why you want to a end this course and par cularly how this theme is related to your work or future interests. The last date for receiving the complete applica on is April 1, 2011. There is no course

Selected par cipants will be provided accommoda on at Manipal University during the course period.

Send your applica on as an email a achment to Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities (MCPH), or mail a hard copy to the address below. Please type “Summer School 2011” in the subject line.

Manipal Centre for Philosophy & Humanities
Old Tapmi Building, Behind Post Office
Manipal University, Manipal
Karnataka 576104
Phone: 820-2923157
Web: tu ons/UniversityDepartments/MCPHManipal/Pages/Welcome.aspx

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