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Friday, February 11, 2011

World Literature MidSemester Evaluation Comments

Following is my report after having evaluated the III  year BA World literature mid-semester answer scripts. 

All answer scripts display a good understanding of the texts. On that front no issues. However, generally all have stopped at answering the questions. A few specfic recommendations to improve the quality of answers (read: to score better)

  • The names of plays and novels need to be underlined and those of essays and poems put within quotation marks
  • For better marks you  need to use textual evidence by means of quoting it and for further more, bring your extra reading beyond classroom discussion to bear upon the answers
  • Long answers cannot be in one single para. They need to have multiple paras to discuss multiple ideas. The answers of many do not have paragraph divisions.
  • First name is not used in academic writing, like Alexander for Solzhenitsyn, but last name or the full name
  • The content words in the titles of texts should be in caps
  • Write the question numbers outside the margins
  • Leave some line space between two answers ( a few have not done it)

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