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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

UGC-Sponsored National Seminar on Resistance Studies

23 -24 August 2011
Theme: Speaking of the Subaltern: Exploring the Past; Anticipating the future
Organized by The Department of English, Pallagatti Adavappa First Grade College, Tiptur, Karnataka
Venue: Kalpataru Vidya Samsthe  Campus Tiptur, Karnataka, 572202
About the Seminar: A group of Indian scholars brought this term into much popularity and made it focal point of research, investigation, critical scholarship and publication through their Subaltern Studies. The Subaltern studies published nine volumes on South Asian history and society, particularly from "subaltern perspective" during 1982-1996. From then onwards this term attracts the attention of many researchers and scholars especially of social scientists and theologians. The geopolitical, economic, historical, political and social maps of the highly backward Indians of the rural and urban regions guided by their 'subaltern consciousness' make us alert to recurring famine, drought, starvation, malnutrition, disease, superstitious belief, bonded slavery, sexual exploitation and humiliation as the by-product of elite society.
Papers are invited for presentation from researchers and teachers on the following areas and related topics (but not limited to):
·          Discrimination by Caste/ Class/Gender
·          Historiography of India
·          Comparative subaltern movements and cults across the globe
·          Distribution of Power and Wealth
·          Role of physical coercion of the state
·          Ideology of nationalism and class
·          Double colonization of women
The abstract in softcopy not exceeding 250 words, with title and author's name as it should appear in certificate, typed in Times New Roman on A4 size, in MS-Word Format, double line spacing should be submitted as an attachment only through  e-mail on or before 10th April 2011, to:

For more details, please contact Dr UdayaRavi at udayaravi.shastry AT

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