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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The F-111: An interview with James Rosenquist - Gene R. Swenson

Angelin Sanchez S.V


Thesis statement: Pop art is a big commodity in New York, and one recent example at the Leo castelli gallery was literally big, in both size and price.

Paragraph 1:
Topic sentence: F-111 covered all your walls of the gallery, making four right-angle turns.
Supporting statements: It was on loan-Jewish museum-New York-will go on a European tour-modern museum-Stockholm.

Paragraph 2:
Topic sentence: Monumentality may be impossible in an age of built in obsolescence.
Supporting statements: Plane-a bitterly ironic birthday cake

Paragraph 3:
Topic sentence: It is the newest, latest fighter-bomber at this time, 1965.
Supporting statements: A man-contract-making the bomber prime force-to keep people working-an economic tool-a war machine.

Paragraph 4:
Topic sentence: He is just misguided
Supporting statements: Masses of people-snagged into a life-in the wrong direction.

Paragraph 5:
Topic sentence: I think of it like a beam at the airport.
Supporting statements: Beam-less divergent-little narrower

Paragraph 6: 
Topic sentence: The ambience of the painting is involved with people who are all going toward a similar thing.
Supporting statements: Ideas-very divergent-basic meaning

Paragraph 7:
Topic sentence: The picture is my personal reaction as an individual to the heavy ideas of mass media and communication and to other ideas that affect artists.
Supporting statements: Produce-human idea-extreme acceleration of feelings –painting-like a sacrifice

Paragraph 8:
Topic sentence: I can only hope to grasp things with the aid of a companion like an IBM machine.
Supporting statements: Inject-humanity-into the IBM machine-extreme tool

Paragraph 9: 
Topic sentence: I hope to do things in spite of my own fallacies.
Supporting statements: New ideas-new inventions

Paragraph 10:
Topic sentence: In 1961 it seemed that you were adopting techniques and styles that were not your own but those of sign painters.
Supporting statements: Professional –objective techniques-anti-style-realistic style.

Paragraph 11:
Topic sentence: My techniques for me are still anti-style.
Supporting statements: Billboard painting techniques-like Mexican muralist techniques.

Paragraph 12:
Topic sentence: When they say the Rosenquist style is very precise, may be they just know that painting style as they know it is going out of style.
Supporting statements: Painting-exposed-large scale

Paragraph 13:
Topic sentence: The picture at the world's fair had a relation to the rest of the landscape, the huge buildings, and huge pink kodacolor photographs.
Supporting statements: My idea-showing art in a gallery.

Paragraph 14:
Topic sentence: The f-111 was enclosed-four walls of a room in a gallery.
Supporting statements: Gallery-painting-a cube or a box-missing panel-Plexiglas panel-exposed to the wall

Paragraph 15:
Topic sentence: At first the missing panel was just to expose nature, i.e, the wall wherever it was hung; and from there of course would be extended the rest of the space wherever it was exhibited.
Supporting statements: Wall paper roller-artificial flowers-aluminum flowers-visual effect

Paragraph 16:
Topic sentence: I used those some wallpaper roller patterns in 1962 on a painting called silver skies.
Supporting statements: Canvas-a brittle feeling

Paragraph 17:
Topic sentence: People came into the gallery and immediately they'd say, "It's a picture of a jet plane painted on aluminum panels"
Supporting statements: Fragment of architecture-a fancy cornice

Paragraph 18:
Topic sentence: Originally the picture was an idea of fragments of vision being sold, in completed fragments; there were about fifty-one panels in the picture.
Supporting statements: Flash of static movement-a strange idea-a fragment of painting

Paragraph 19:
Topic sentence: years  ago when  a man watched traffic  going up and down sixth avenue, the traffic would be horses and there would be a pulsing, muscular motion to the speed on the avenue.
Supporting statements: Fragments of vision-representation of images

Paragraph 20:
Topic sentence: I wanted to relate the idea of the new man, the new person who appreciates things, to this painting.
Supporting statements: Parallel parts of the life

Paragraph 21:
Topic sentence: At the gallery the hurdle was presented in two perpendicular halves because it came at the corner of the room.
Supporting statements: Hurdle-triangular hurdle

Paragraph 22:
Topic sentence: The angel food cake.
Supporting statements: Foodstuff-the flags-flaming candles-f-111-giant birthday cake-horrible killer

Paragraph 23:
Topic sentence: The tire is a crown, a celebration of the town and country winter tire.
Supporting statements: Two images-similar shapes-rising up like a crown

Paragraph 24:
Topic sentence: And those three light bulbs
Supporting statements: Pink+yellow+blue-basic colors of the spectrum

Paragraph 25:
Topic sentence: The girl under the hairdryer
Supporting statements: The little girl-change of nature-in relation to the new look of the landscape

Paragraph 26:
Topic sentence: Next there is an umbrella super imposed over an atom bomb blast.
Supporting statements: Umbrella-about fallout-a beautiful view of an atomic blast

Paragraph 27:
Topic sentence: When I was working in Times Square and painting signboards the workmen joked around and said the super center of the atomic target was around Canal Street and Broadway.
Supporting statements: Rockets aimed from Russia

Paragraph 28:
Topic sentence: To me it's now a generation removed, the post-beat  young people
Supporting statements: Sort of attitude-they've not afraid-restatement of the beat idea

Paragraph 29:
Topic sentence: The umbrella is friendlier than having to do with fallout.
Supporting statements: An aperture-umbrella is a realistic vision

Paragraph 30:
Topic sentence: Then next, that's an underwater swimmer wearing a helmet with an air bubble above his head, an exhaust air bubble that's related the breath of the atomic bomb.
Supporting statements: Unnatural force-man made

Paragraph 31:
Topic sentence: I heard a story that when a huge number of bombers hit in Vietnam, and burned up many square miles of forest then the exhaust of the heat and air pressure of the fire created an artificial storm and it started raining and helped put the fire out.
Supporting statements: Not a natural rain-put the fire out-but a man-made change in the atmosphere.

Paragraph 32:
Topic sentence: The blanket –like form at the bottom of the picture
Supporting statements: Huge arabesque-like a blanket-artist-like a samurai-relation between the painter and nature

Paragraph 33:
Topic sentence: Not conscious of it-and not of art for its own sake.
Supporting statements: Love for the billboard

Paragraph 34:
Topic sentence: Yes, I hope this picture is a quantity that will release the idea of the new devices.
Supporting statements: Idea-turn to subversion-picture-an antidote

Paragraph 35:
Topic sentence: What I meant was that ideas can have more of a mysterious effect than someone simply being eradicated.
Supporting statements: Reality-horrible and mysterious

Paragraph 36:
Topic sentence: Machines are exciting
Supporting statements: Machines-sophisticated

Paragraph 37:
Topic sentence: No .I'm amazed by-when I think of technology, I think of it being fantastic.
Supporting statements: F-111-war industry-technologist-became an artist

Paragraph 38:
Topic sentence: No .I see a closer tie with technology and art and a new curiosity about new methods of communication coming from all sides.
Supporting statements: Artists offer-humility-graciousness

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