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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Global Counter-Culture: Susan Buck-Morss

Siju Paul

Reg. No.1124105

Thesis Statement: It can be argued that the global violence initiated by September 11 has had an impact generally on perception and expression – on seeing and speaking; and that for us as practitioners of culture, business as usual has become difficult if not impossible, because the very tools of our trade – language and image- are being appropriated as weapons by all sides.

Paragraph 1:

Topic sentence: the Global violence initiated by September 11 has had an impact generally on perception and expression , language and image are being appropriated as weapons by all sides.

Supporting ideas and sentences: Global violence initiated by September 11 has had an impact in every state of life…but this appropriation is symptomatic ….pervasive crisis in cultural practice that began well before September 11.

Key word: Global violence

Paragraph 2

Topic sentence: it is not the content of the cultural weapons being displayed by the US or Al- Qaeda, by Israel or Hamas, that necessarily disturbs our work – although politically and ethically we may be deeply troubled by that content

Supporting ideas and sentences: It does not mean that cultural weapons being deployed by the US or al – Qaeda……Language and image are being appropriated today by discourse of power in a very particular way… one that negates their usefulness for critical practices of theory and of art

Key word: Language and Image

Paragraph 3

Topic Sentence: US does not violate human rights, it is a civilized nation.

Supporting ideas and sentences: This is an epistemological description.. ..Judgment of truth and falsity…civilized nation do not violate human rights…the US does not violate human right…there for the Us is a civilized nation

Key word: Civilized nation

Paragraph 4

Topic Sentence: Whatever the US does as a nation by definition cannot be a violation of human rights even if the same action done by an uncivilized nation would be a violation

Supporting ideas and sentences: US is a civilized nation it does not violate human rights…US by its very definition could not be a violation of human rights.. if the same action done by some other nations it will be a violation.

Key word: Civilized nation

Paragraph 5

Topic Sentence: In the ontologically defined terrain, to criticize US state actions is to be unpatriotic; to criticize Islamic violence is to be Jahili, to criticize the Israeli stale is to be anti Semitic.

Supporting ideas and sentences: In fact eliminates…..the very possibility of critical thinking, with out which democratic debate becomes impossible.

Key word: critical thinking

Paragraph 6

Topic sentence: In the modern era in Western culture, art was secularized, no longer connected with ritual, as Walter Benjamin observed, and hence no longer within the domain of metaphysical "truth".

Supporting ideas and sentences: Aesthetic for Kant...sensory perception..the very definition of what art is involved making critical judgments about material world…. In the modern era the definition of art was first posed in epistemological form…Collective Judgments were institutionalized, so that one could say because it is art, it is in the museum

Key word: Aesthetic experience

Paragraph 7

Topic Sentence: A crucial insufficiency of Kantian aesthetic was that its critical epistemology, while acknowledging cultural difference, did not extend to the context in which art works are made and validated.

Supporting ideas and sentences: Duchamp's practice turned the epistemological question what is art?....into a mode of social criticism a negative ontology of the state of being of whole legitimating structure of museums..

Key word: artwork

Paragraph 8

Topic Sentence: Nonetheless, the epistemological formulated question - what is art? Did not go away when answers were sought in the social field.

Supporting ideas and sentences: Whether one considers the anthropophagic movement or the political challenge to artistic 1960s and 70s the question what is art? Was central...the epistemological criterion of judgment remained the basis of artistic practice

Key word: artistic practice

Paragraph 9

Topic Sentence: There is a real investment made by many of us today in the idea that artistic practice was liberated when judgment of both taste and politics ceased to be the criterion for art.

Supporting ideas and sentences: No art objects are necessary.. No political or social usefulness is required. Artistic practices have been deregulated…. Artists are iconic embodiments…..almost advertisement for the slogan of freedom speech.

Key word: artistic Practices

Paragraph 10

Topic Sentence: The advertisement, as true: that artistic freedom exists, but that it has migrated from the art work to the artist.

Supporting ideas and sentences: The institutions of cultural power are not threatened by what the artist creates…this would seem to be a great victory for the force of cultural freedom…

Key word: Cultural freedom

Paragraph 11

Topic Sentence: Museums have had a striking resurgence in the past decade.

Supporting ideas and sentences: They are the preferred form of cultural tourism in an age of globalization..

Key Word: the institutional setting of art

Paragraph 12

Topic Sentence: Artistic freedom exists in proportion to the artists irrelevance

Supporting ideas and sentences: American art today can be anything except necessary…it is the structure and social function of the art world ….that guarantees the meaninglessness of much of artistic practice today…

Key word: art world

Paragraph 13

Topic sentence : this troubling displacement from the epistemologically defined object of art to the ontologically defined being of the "artist" signals the naturalization of artist protest within a florally commercialized, self – contained and self absorbed art worlds.

Supporting ideas and sentences: Different types of strategies are mentioned here..One strategy is for the artist to use her or his socio ontological identity as the content of art…..another is to make the artist corporal self the site of art. Next one is performance art… dissolving the artists being into an action that disappears.

Key word: strategies

Paragraph 14

Topic Sentence: The gesture e of "disappearance" that struck as symptomatic in the work of the artists of inSITE2000

Supporting ideas and sentences: The inSITE 2000 artists escaped temporarily from the conditions of being in the art world….the possibility of a changed situation of artistic production , indeed , of all cultural …production …and that may the chance of success.

Key word: dialectical reversal

Paragraph 15

Topic sentence: Artistic practice might contribute to a general reactivation of social imagination, circulating via the new media's unprecedented power.

Supporting ideas and sentences: Artists would relinquish their impotent power as residents of the gated community of the art world in return of social relevance…..aesthetic experience manages to escape not only the art world , but all worlds as disciplinary regimes.

Key word: art world

Paragraph 16

Topic Sentence: The terrorist attack on the world trade towers in New York city was "the greatest work of art for the whole cosmos".

Supporting ideas and sentences: We might consider the terrorist spectacle as a staging of Heidegger's' ontological definition….of being human as being toward the death.. we would need to recognize …in the terrorist action in New York it a restaging of military telepresence in the Middle Eat – the sobering.. Implications of such reflections might lead us to reject essentialist ontology and return to critical epistemology…

Key word: Terrorist action

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