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Thursday, July 28, 2011

politics and the intelligentsia by- Noam chomsky

                                                            Tanya tomar

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Thesis statement                                                                                                                                                               &nb sp;                                                       

The intelligentsia are the historians, journalists which show a picture of reality to the masses.They do their interpretations to show the reality of an event but sometimes its more bound with special interest. It's easy for us to do the interpretations but make sure that we do not put any impression which appears to be false in any way the reason being that we do not have the analytical thinking like the intelligentsia.The analyses only requires stating facts and arguments with some knowledge added to it.A lot of changes took place in the U.S university whereby the students movement demanded tolerated rate of thinking along with this the student movement had its several impact.It even raised the challenge to the subservience of the universities to the state and other external power. So the essay deals with the analyses and the interpretations made by the intelligentsia

1-  Topic statement-   role of intelligentsia in a society like ours
 Supporting statement-  By virtue of their analyses and interpretations they serve as mediators between social facts and the mass of populations
 Keyword-  "Ideological justification for social practice"

2-  Topic statement-  with a little industry and application anyone who is willing to extricate himself from the system of shared ideology and propaganda will readily see through the modes of distortion developed by the substantial segments of the intelligentsia
Keyword-  "Intellectual change"

3- Topic statement- only intellectuals equipped with special training are capable of such analytical work
 Supporting statement-  One must be careful not to give any impression which maybe false in any point. One should even be careful of not mixing the analyses of social and scientific topic which require special training and technique
Keyword-  "Tutelage of intermediaries"

4- Topic statement-  in the analyses of social and political issues its sufficient to face the facts and to follow a national line of argument
 Supporting statement- The willingness to look at facts with open minds and put up arguments and provide a conclusion is only required no other knowledge is needed after that
Keyword- "Rational line of argument"

5- Topic statement-  it is not impossible to create an intellectually interesting theory dealing with ideology and its social base
Keyword- "Ordinary scepticism and application are sufficient"

6- Topic statement- this is one of the ways in which professional intelligentsia serve a useful and effective function within the apparatus of social control
its very important for the professional to make everyone believe in the existence  of an intellectual frame of reference which they alone possess so that they alone have a right to comment on the affairs
keyword-  "Apparatus of social control"

7- Topic statement-  one of the devices used to achieve this narrowness of perspective is the reliance on professional credentials
Keyword- "System of ideological control- indoctrination"
Keyword- "Depart from orthodoxy will rarely be expressed"

8- Topic statement- here in the United States there is an astonishing degree of ideological uniformity for such a complex country
Supporting statement- Two reasons for this 1-there is remarkable ideological homogeneity of the American intelligentsia in general; who rarely depart from one of the variants of the state capitalistic ideology a fact which itself calls for explanation
2-mass media are capitalist institutions
Keyword- "State capitalist"
Keyword- "Mirror image of the soviet union"

9- Topic statement- is the war succeeding?
Supporting statement- it is notable that inspire of the extensive and well known record of government lies during the period of the Vietnam war , the press with fair consistency remained remarkably obedient and quite willing to accept the governments assumption framework of thinking and interpretation of what was happening
Keyword- "The bombing of Laos is a striking case

10- Topic statement-  The United States is exceptional also in that there is no significant pressure for worker participation in management
 Supporting statement- Let alone real workers control
Keyword- "United states is considerably more rigid and doctrinaire in its political thinking and analyses"

11- Topic statement- you would have had great difficulty in finding a Marxist professor or a socialist in an economics department at a major university
Keyword-"The end of ideology"
Keyword- "Range of ideological diversity"

12- Topic statement- the student left is depicted as a menace threatening freedom of research and teaching
The student movement is said to have placed the freedom of the universities in jeopardy by seeking to impose totalitarian ideological control
Keyword- "Totalitarian ideological control"
Keyword- "Reconstruct the orthodoxy"
Keyword- "The time of troubles"

13- Topic statement- many intellectuals are seeking to reconstruct the orthodoxy and the control over thoughts and inquiry which they had institutionalised with such success and which was infract threatened
Keyword- "Intellectual elite"
Keyword- "Opening in the ideological fields"

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