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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Taking Stock (Unfinished) : Hans Haacke

Tara Rachel Thomas (1124129)

Hans Haacke : Taking Stock (Unfinished)

Thesis Statement: Examining the rise of Saatchi and Saatchi as an advertising powerhouse, its implications for their philanthropic interests and their overseas business ventures.

Paragraph 1
Topic Sentence: The marble sculpture of Pandora, respresented on the little Victorian table in the painting, is by the British sculptor Harry Bates, who carved it in 1890.
Supporting Sentence: It belongs to the Tate Gallery.
Keywords: Tate Gallery – Margaret Thatcher – Queen Victoria – Chair from Victoria & Albert Museum.

Paragraph 2
Topic Sentence: The initials MS and CS on the rims of the broken plates on the top shelf of the bookcase refer to the brothers Maurice and Charles Saatchi, whose portraits appear in the center of the plates.
Supporting Sentence: In 1982, Julian Schnabel, who is known for his paintings incorporating broken plates, had an exhibition and the Tate Gallery.
Keywords: 9 of 11 paintings owned by Saatchis – Patrons of the New Art – Jennifer Bartlett Murals.

Paragraph 3
Topic Sentence: The Patrons are a private association with the stated goal of acquiring and donating contemporary art works to the Tate Gallery (the museum operated by the British government)
Supporting Sentence: Its membership includes many collectors and nearly all London art dealers.
Keywords: Complaints about the Saatchis not donating any paintings – "Power, prestige and social climbing"

Paragraph 4
Topic Sentence: At the time, Charles Saatchi was also a member of the board of trustees of the Whitechapel Gallery, another public institution in London, predominantly exhibiting contemporary art.
Supporting Sentence: It is suspected that he profited from insider information about the gallery's exhibition plans, which allowed him to buy works - notably Fransesco Clemente and Malcolm Morley - at a favorable moment.
Keywords: Haacke exhibition – Resignation from positions held

Paragraph 5
Topic Sentence: Doris Saatchi, the former Doris Lockhartm is a graduate of Smith College and ex-copy-writer for the New York advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather.
Supporting Sentence: She now writes art criticism for The World of Interiors, Artscribe, and Architectural Review, and is the London editor of the American Home and Garden.
Keywords: Art collection – 1970s – Photo-realism – pattern painting – minimalism – neoexpressionism – Museum of Contemporary Arts, LA – Collectors Invited

Paragraph 6
Topic Sentence: The financial base for the massive acquisitions on the art market is the income from Saatchi & Saatchi Company PLCM, which has been built by the Saatchi brothers, through a string of spectacular mergers, into the largest advertising agency in the world.
Supporting Sentence: The necessary capital has been raised on the London Stock Exchangem where the company has been listed since 1975, as well as through the issuance of American depository shares.
Keywords: Assumed that – Support received from a trade journal called Campaign –Where Maurice Saatchi once worked. Controlling family trusts – Tory minister

Paragraph 7
Topic Sentence: In 1982, the Saatchis acquired Compton Communications, an important New York agency.
Supporting Statement : It provided them with a worldwide network and, a client, Procter & Gamble, the world's largest advertiser.
Keywords: Host of clients such as the Marlboro Group –  the"big bang merger" – $7 billion in nbillings - Relocation of Headquarters

Paragraph 8
Topic Sentence: The Saatchis are promoting the idea of "global marketing" i.e., the use of a single strategy, brand name and advertising campaign throughout the world.
Supporting Sentence:  They have expanded into areas beyond advertising, such as public relations, market research, and management consulting.
Keywords: Acquisition of Michael Deaver & Associates – questioned in Congress –  brothers Charles and Maurice referred to as "Snatchit and Snatchit"

Paragraph 9
Topic Sentence: Saatchi & Saatchi ran Margaret Thatcher's election campaign in 1979 and 1983.
Supporting Sentence: The New York Times commented that the themes of its political advertisements "tend to be simple to the point of brutality"
Keywords: Asian and West Indian population -Insulting  - Tory Election campaign – British Airways Account – South African Office hired by Nationalist Party – promote change in constitution – disenfranchised 21 million blacks – cemented apartheid

Paragraph 10
Topic Sentence: KMP-Compton, the South African outpost of Saatchi & Saatchi Compton Worldwide, serves government agencies, such as the Department of Trade & Industry and ISCOR, the government controlled Steel Corporation.
Supporting Sentence: Among its clients are also Senbank, "South Africa's leading merchant bank" and the Free Enterprise Bank, a subsidiary of Ciskei Peoples development Bank.
Keywords: Ciskei – creation of South African government – makes indigenous population foreigners in their own native land – unaccepted by other countries as nation.

Paragraph 11
Topic Sentence: In 1985, KMP-Compton ran the following full page advertisement in the Financial Mail, the leading South African business weekly.
Supporting Sentence: If there is one thing that Charles and Maurice have proved in their spectacular surge to the heights of advertising business, it's that they know how to pick winners.
Keywords: They noted KMPs professionalism, client base, financial stability, disciplined creativity – unmistakable South Africanism – highly important – more effective communication – fuller understanding of market.

Paragraph 12
Topic Sentence: The 1985 annual report for the first time lists Barker McCormac, which handles the Barclays Bank's account in South Africa, as a second South African agency of the Saatchi network.
Supporting Statement: Also, the newly acquired Hay Group maintains a management consulting office in Johannesburg.  
Keywords:  Acquired two big groups – Saatchi and Saatchi biggest agency in South Africa – Expanding – Acquired shares in National Mining Corporation – for "diversified, non-media related service agency"
Paragraph 13
Topic Sentence: In 1985, Doris and Charles Saatchi opened a private museum in the north of London, designed by Max Gordon, a friend and former colleague both at the Tate Gallery and on the board of the Whitechapel Gallery.
Supporting Statement: A lavishly illustrated four-volume catalogue of the collection has been published, with the title Art in our Time : The Saatchi Catalogue
Keywords: Ownership of pieces not mentioned – When on loan – attributed to Saatchis – listed in company annual report under "fixed tangible assets" – no depreciation -.

Paragraph 14
Topic Sentence: The Saatchis continue to buy contemporary art, usually a large number of works by the artists of their choice, e.g; they have nineteen large paintings by Baselitz, twenty seven by Schnabel, twenty-four by Clemente.
Supporting Sentence: According to Leo Castelli, "what collectors like the Saatchis do has a tremendous influence on what other people do and also on the market"
Keyword:  Normal Rosenthal has said - If they sell – whole market of art would crash. – Sandro Chia – Victim of this mechanism.

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