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Sunday, November 18, 2012

15th Nov Translation Studies

Translation Studies
Discussions of class on 15th Nov 2012.
Expectations of the class:
·        The class to share with each other translations of Indian forms which they come across.
·        Every student to read the essay and share their understandings which helps all to get different prespectives of the same essay.
·        To collect everyone’s prespective of the essay and threading everything together (by teacher) to evolve a framework.
·        Discission in the class should be able to help in translations.
·        To learn: why and how to translate? – linguistic, legal and social aspects.
·        Balance between theory and practical.
·        To learn aesthetics of translation and translation review.
·        The essays to be completed in time.
·        Key concepts of the essays to be given (by teacher) and a class discussion on that, prior to reading the essay so that it’s esaier to understand the essays and saves time too
[discussion: if key points are given in advance to our reading we may miss out on other points which we would otherwise make a note of. Also, it’ll make us think on one particular line and not give space enough for our own understanding.]
·        To find the relevance of ‘theories’ of translation and to develop practical ability.
·        Whole class as one to locate points in essays.
·        Being able to relate to the essays.
·        Reading essays at home and discussing it in class.

Ø  Keya Majumdar’s essay
Ø  Skype

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